Thursday, January 21, 2016

Smallanta Practice Space Sessions

In 2014 Craig JW and I started Smallanta. An Atlanta field guide. One thing to do every day. Generally revolving around Art, Music, Food, Happenings. In 2015 we began to make some videos. Here they are: Smallanta Practice Space Sessions 2015
Smallanta Practice Space Sessions: Shot 02/16/15
Episode #01 // The Quik Triks – “The Looks Will Fade Away”
Smallanta Practice Space Sessions: Shot 03/25/15
Episode #02 // Waking Astronomer : “Br’er Rabbit”

Dendera Bloodbath performs her break out hit, “Alchemist, Witch,” as part of Smallanta’s Practice Space Sessions.
Shot: 10/07/15 in Stone Mountain, GA